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Computational Continuum Mechanics


Working with OpenFOAM and foam-extend

Working with software is that nature of simulation - programming is to CCM what writing is to poetry. Researches in the group are expert in python and C++, mainly developing OpenFOAM and contributing to various forks and release streams. Hrvoje Jasak is a member of OpenFOAM Governance, contributing to continuous delevlopemt, quality improvements and open source spirit of the code.

Need Expert-Level Skills with OpenFOAM?

Programming complex software is a challenging activity: every character of source code is packed with meaning. Mistakes are easy to make, difficult to spot and correcting them requires detailed understanding of algorithms, computer performance and programming language. In order to expand the community of skilled programmers, the groups offers an intensive Summer School: NUMAP-FOAM. If you need more, MPhil in Scientific Computing is designed for you.