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Computational Continuum Mechanics


Surface Wear Modelling

  • Contact mechanics

  • Lubrication modelling

  • Finite Area Method

  • Archard's wear law

  • ZDDP anti-wear tribofilm modelling

This project is focused on modelling of the anti-wear effects of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP). It is sponsored by Afton Chemical, a company specialising in lubricant and fuel additive design and manufacture.

The project is utilising the group's capability to model mixed mode lubricated contact and applying it to modelling ZDDP tribofilms using a novel simulation approach. ZDDP enables growth of sacrificial tribofilms on top of steel surfaces, which prevents direct contact of steel components (bearings, gears, etc.) and in that way improves their longevity.


Recording of the project progress update in the 17th OpenFOAM Workshop in Cambridge, 2022