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Computational Continuum Mechanics

Computational Continuum Mechanics Research Group at the Department of Physics (The Cavendish Laboratory), University of Cambridge.

The Computational Continuum Mechanics (CCM) research group is a part of The Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LabSC). Our focus is on low-speed phenomena, elliptic and hyperbolic equations and strongly coupled equation sets. Of particular interest are the non-linear, conjugate or coupled equations sets, dynamic mesh techniques and next-generation numerical methods in CCM.
Historically the group worked on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) developing OpenFOAM Open Source software as a part of the community drive towards a state-of-the-art shared Open Source platforms for numerical simulation of continuum phenomena. Our current focus is on general continuum phenomena, up-scaling of atomistic or discrete simulations across a number of fields and complex coupled continuum models, from neutronics to magneto-hydrodynamics.